Kitchen Done!

The repairs to the kitchen are finally done. We have an issue with the refrigerator light, but it should be cleared up Wednesday with any luck. I traded in the Mini Cooper for a Honda Fit. We wanted to get something super reliable. I love it so far.

Water Damage

We had some water damage occur in the kitchen. They came and pulled up the floor. We have had industrial fans and dryers running for two days. I think we’re all almost insane. It’s pretty loud in the house.

Kiryana’s Party

Took Joseph to a neighbor girl’s birthday party. It was at an indoor Bouncy House place. It was cool. I was flying solo as Maria and Her friend Ruby had gone to the Duran Duran concert.

11th Anniversary

We had a nice dinner in downtown San Diego at Royal India. The food was so great. I ate way too much. It was Maria’s first time in an actual sit down Indian restaurant. Next year we may try doing the restaurant week thing. You buy a ticket and try small things at many different places downtown.

Last weekend Before School!

Trying to have a lazy weekend before school begins for Joseph. Summer was full of Day Camps, overnight camps and doctor appointments (and horrid humidity) with a last hurrah at Universal Studios & Disneyland (natch!) Hopefully I can post the pics!